hunt for exotic Kri-Kri Ibex in Greece!

hunt for exotic Kri-Kri Ibex in Greece!

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To many individuals, The Peloponnese peninsula on the Greek Mainland is the 'genuine' Greece, where points have actually not transformed much whatsoever over the centuries despite the fact that many individuals have actually found it. This is an area where you can conveniently invest a month, yet if you are short on schedule then our outdoor searching, Fishing, free diving and also visiting Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is an excellent solution.

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This Ibex is NOT a petite form of the Bezoar Ibex, which has migrated right into the western-most reach of the series of this varieties. The kri-kri (Capra aegagrus cretica), likewise called the Cretan goat, Agrimi, or Cretan Ibex, is an aboriginal goat types populating the eastern Mediterranean, which was when thought to be a subspecies of wild goat. This kri-kri is a feral goat with a light brownish layer with a dark collar. They have two sweeping horns on their heads. Throughout the day, they rest and also stay clear of site visitors, avoiding travelers. The kri-kri can leap a long way or scale apparently vertical high cliffs.


To lots of people, The Peloponnese peninsula on the Greek Mainland is the 'real' Greece, where points have actually not altered a lot whatsoever over the centuries although that lots of people have actually discovered it. This is an area where you can easily invest a month or even more however if you are short promptly then our hunting as well as touring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is a great service. This covers a huge quantity of ground to a few of Europe's many amazing sites in just 5 days. You absolutely won't think what you see! Whilst the Peloponnese is house to a few of the very best beaches in Greece there are many points to see as well as do that it is in fact a year-round location. Whilst Summer is the excellent time to spend at the beaches as well as waterfalls, Spring and Autumn are exceptional for hiking and also exploring Ancient Ruins, Caves as well as Archeological sites. Even winter months is attracting as a lot of the towns and also towns obtain some snow, specifically in the mountains, as well as the rock style and wineries offer themselves to cosy minutes by an open fire. The covered dishes as well as traditional winter season food is tasty and passionate. Regardless of what season you choose you will locate the crowds extremely convenient and also in several locations, non-existent.

There is absolutely something for every person in the Peloponnese peninsula. Whether you are interested in history and also culture or nature as well as outdoor tasks, this is an excellent location for your next holiday. If you are short promptly, our hunting and also exploring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is a terrific way to see everything this awesome location needs to offer.And lastly, your Kri Kri ibex trophy is waiting on you.

Kri Kri ibex hunt in Greece - Hunting program Atalanti

On Atalanti, boat transfers take about 10 minutes. Because it is a smaller island, just two hunting parties may be there at the same time. Hunts are provided only on Fridays. Weather does not affect the island’s popularity, as it is adequately protected against winds and waves, making it feasible to arrive anytime. Currently, there is a move to extend the hunting season for another day. The hunt takes place from a blind in the vicinity /30 m/ to the place where the animals are fed with fodder every day. Success rate is 100% as to collect the trophy from the grocery.

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